• Episode 56

How to Hire for Customer Support

This week we get to tap into Brian’s expertise in hiring for customer support. If you find yourself spending too much time on customer support and not enough time on growing your business, it might…

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  • Episode 55

Leveraging Other People as a Solo Founder

Here’s a truth we don’t often admit: working with other people will increase our odds of success. Deal with it. Today we talk about how solo founders can leverage other people to achieve their goals….

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  • Episode 54

Our 2014 Recap & 2015 Goals

Brian’s update: Bulletproof Diet Adding a new productized service on top of Restaurant Engine, our “Marketing Boost” add-on. Jordan’s update: Thinking through different options for CartHook I see the end of the year as a…

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  • Episode 53

Get More Leads with Brennan Dunn

You could do a lot worse than to take advice from Brennan Dunn. Whether you’re building an agency, a SaaS, a course, or a productized service, he’s done it all and done it well. In…

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