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Today’s episode is about the various tools we use in our business and everyday lives. We will cover 9 areas of tools.

  • Personal Tools
  • Communication/Productivity
  • Payments/Accounting/HR
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Production
  • Design
  • Podcasting

Some of these tools we have used and switched. Some of these tools were love at first sight. 

Resources Mentioned Today:



Audience Ops








Color Picker

Day 1





Every Time Zone









Help Scout



Panic Coda



Podcast Motor












WP Engine





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The Bootstrapper’s Search For Meaning

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Today’s episode we give an update on our businesses and the on-going projects we have coming up. There is some travel on the horizon for Jordan and Brian both. Jordan is going for business and Brian for personal.

Audience Ops has really honed in on sales and improving the sales process. The training product is on hold and Brian is focusing on using webinars to bring in sales. The webinars are basically live demos of the service. He has one under his belt and has one planned for July 26th.

Carthook is also using webinars to sell their product. Jordan has hired some top notch team members to make the best quality webinars they can. Jordan also has an invitation to speak at conference in Barcelona. The conference is for people working with affiliates and are part of the emerging ecommerce wave.

On today’s episode we share our webinar experiences and what is going on in our businesses. We also talk about how an entrepreneur/founder can find passion in his business and not be a slave to the bottom line.

The points we covered today are:

  • Brian’s summer and future travel plans
  • Jordan’s trip to Berlin
  • Jordan’s invite to Barcelona and the conference where he will be speaking
  • Audience Ops changing sales approach
  • Winning the Long Game webinar
  • Carthook’s first webinar
  • Where is the “passion” in ecommerce?

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops



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Playing the Long Game

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We kick off our new format with Ian Landsman. Ian is the founder of Userscape and Helpspot. He has been working in the bootstrapped world since 2004. On today’s episode we discuss what it means to “play the long game.”

We share our plans for Carthook and Audience Ops. Ian offers his personal view on the long game and what it means to him. We discuss all the aspects of making decisions for the long term in business.

The topics we covered today are below:

  • How to find “long game” ideas
  • How money can force a commitment
  • How to hire the right people
  • Brian’s long term plan for Audience Ops
  • Brian on Zero to Scale
  • What the term “scaling” means
  • Selling a one time product vs. selling a recurring service
  • Jordan’s long term plan for Carthook
  • Venture capital vs. bootstrapping
  • JD Graffam’s business approach
  • The “long game” from an investment perspective

Resources Mentioned Today:

Ian’s Twitter


Bootstrapped FM


Audience Ops

JD Graffam

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Growing The Product Line & Shifting Priorities

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Our episode today is just a basic update episode. A lot is going on in Audience Ops and Carthook and we are both just trying to keep up. We talk about the challenges we’re facing and how we plan to deal with them.

Jordan is focusing more on the checkout product on Carthook. The market just seems to be pushing towards that.

Brian is learning how to cope with his new role in Audience Ops. After growing the team he is now more of a coach and has to deal with letting go of some aspects of the business.

We talk about these things and other things that are just on our minds.

The points we discussed today are below:

  • Introducing guests to the show. “Bootstrapped Parties”
  • Creating processes for the PPC add on service for Audience Ops
  • The future of Carthook’s checkout service
  • The pros and cons of shifting product focus
  • The delay of Audience Ops’ training product
  • Hiring writers vs. hiring managers
  • Brian’s change to coach
  • Retooling Audience Ops’ processes
  • The reality of running a SaaS business

Resources Mentioned Today:


Audience Ops

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Questions on Pricing, Charging a Percentage, and Why Podcast?

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On today’s Bootstrapped Web we answer some listeners/readers questions. We also give you some updates on what’s going on in Carthook and AudienceOps.

We discussed these topics today and answer these questions below:

  • Updates on the personal front
  • AudienceOps’ 12 month road map
  • Carthooks’ webinar prep
  • Jordan’s influences this week: Lazy Leadership, by: Andrew Wilkinson
  • Is anybody still using Twitter?
  • The shift in Facebook and the rise of Snapchat
  • Listener question: Should I show pricing on my marketing site?
  • Listener question: How to handle customer requests.
  • Listener question: Should you charge a percentage?
  • Listener question: Why do we still do a podcast?

Resources Mentioned Today:

Lazy Leadership, by: Andrew Wilkinson



Ray Dalio — Principles


We share a lot of good stuff today so keep sending in the questions and we’ll be here to answer them. As always, thanks for tuning in. Head here to leave a review in iTunes

[112] Do Entrepreneurs Get to Have Hobbies? And Other Updates…

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We have an update episode today. We start with the general updates about settling into a new house and keeping up with our newborn kids. We also touch on a subject that any entrepreneur can relate too, how your interests and hobbies get neglected when you run a business. The rest of this episode is a discussion about our adjustments in both AudienceOps and Carthook.

The topics we cover today are:

  • Why Jordan had to pull a previous episode
  • Brian’s attempts to establish a routine
  • Jordan’s impressions of a podcast from The Art of Manliness
  • AudienceOps’ growing team
  • Encouraging more open discussions between team members
  • Carthook’s job opening
  • Meeting the requests and demands of the customer base
  • The process Brian is using to develop a new training program

Resources Mentioned Today:



Art of Manliness Ep. 208

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[111] How to Audit Your Design, UI & UX w/ Jane Portman

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On today’s Bootstrapped Web we welcome UI and UX Consultant Jane Portman to the podcast. Jane helps founders look at their business applications and optimize them for the best customer experience. She has recently written a book called UI Audit.

Today Jane shares with us what her experience with founders has taught her about creating stellar company content. Design and customer experience are key to maintaining a loyal customer base, and together on this episode we explore this subject.

The topics we covered today are:

  • The importance of design and usability
  • When to hire a freelancer
  • When to hire a professional firm
  • The founder’s role in design and usability
  • The 3 big warning signs of poor customer experience
  • The 4 pillars of product strategy
  • Why Jane wrote the book

Jane is offering a special sale code for Bootstrapped Web listeners. Just visit her site UI Breakfast and use the code for $20 off any book package they offer.

Resources Mentioned Today:

UI Breakfast

The UI Audit (use Bootstrapped20 for discount)

Free 1 Hour UI Audit



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[110] Learning to Manage a Team / Launching a New Sales Strategy

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Most people have an issue with managing others. On today’s episode we talk about the process of moving into a managing position. We also give you the listeners an update on our projects and life in general.

We explain how the process of hiring full time positions can be a challenge, and we share our own experiences with the shifts of business.

Points from today’s episode:

  • Jordan’s new productivity strategy
  • Learning how to incorporate webinars in marketing
  • How to ask for advice from peers
  • Hiring project managers for AudienceOps
  • Brian’s blog post “From Solo-Preneur to Manager-Preneur”
  • How to become a manager
  • The levels of managing

Resources Mentioned Today:

From Solo-Preneur to Manager-Preneur

AudienceOps Training Product


Carthook 1 Page Checkout

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[108] Growing Families And Growing Businesses

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We are back in the saddle! We’ve taken some time for family, moving, and we’ve both tried to keep up with the juggling of work and home life. We come back on today’s episode and catch you all up on what’s going on in life and business.

Brian has welcomed his second child and has moved into a new home. To top it all off AudienceOps has really taken off. He has hired his Marketing Tech. He is also onboarding new people regularly.

Jordan will discuss his latest developments in Carthook in a future episode. He and his wife welcomed their third child.

The topics we discuss are:

  • Life with a new baby
  • The growth of AudienceOps
  • Changing from a startup to a “real” business
  • Learning what is your ideal client
  • Jordan’s new product update

Resources Mentioned During Today’s Episode:




DotCom Secrets by: Russell Brunson

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[107] Our Recap of MicroConf 2016

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We discuss our time at MicroConf 2016 on today’s episode. Both of us attended the event and had a great time. The community surrounding MicroConf is loyal and helpful for networking. The conference was at the Palms in Las Vegas this year. It was beautiful accommodations and just a really informative time for us.

Speakers at MicroConf included Patrick Collison, Claire Lew, Hiten Shah, Tracy Osborn, Patrick Campbell, and lots of others.  Everyone brought their own unique story, strategy, or whatever to the table.

We have both had some great success with MicroConf and this year was no different.

The topics we discussed today were:

  • How personal business situations change your focus in the conference
  • How Microconf inspired AudienceOps
  • What we each needed from this conference
  • Improving prices for you and your customer
  • The 4 reasons a product works

Resources Mentioned During Today’s Episode:



Patrick Collison

Claire Lew

Hiten Shah

Tracy Osborn

Patrick Cambell

Steli Efti

Lars Lofgren

Big Snow Tiny Conf.

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