• Episode 39

Doing Things Manually

In this episode, we talk all about the things we do manually, which most might assume we have automated. Updates Brian’s update: September is a crazy hectic month… Pushing to launch my course, Productize, in…

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  • Episode 38

Building an Audience-Based Business with Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson not only built a sizable audience built on the highly valuable content he shares on his blog, newsletter, and podcast… He successfully monetizes with premium courses and private community products.  Oh, and he also…

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  • Episode 37

Thinking BIG

This episode is all about thinking BIG.  Jordan and Brian cover a lot of ground on this topic.  From high-level life goals, to working smart on the ground-level. Updates Jordan’s update: Clearing my plate after weeks…

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  • Episode 35

Why Do an Info Product?

Info products (or educational products).  Why create them?  Why buy them?  In this episode, we bat around questions like these and much more. In this episode… What is an Info Product, really? Why create an Info…

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