November 05, 2020


Calm Before the Storm

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Calm Before the Storm
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Calm Before the Storm

Nov 05 2020 | 00:48:06


Show Notes

Jordan and Brian are back after a few weeks. It is election week; that means a lot of stress and a lot of chaos. But before that stuff hits the fan, Jordan is launching a new Carthook product inside the Shopify app store and Brian has been redesigning the ProcessKit app to fix little frustrations. They’re also talking about structure, spreadsheets, and the importance of app store reviews

[tweetthis]“As we started to add more and more features, the overall structure and experience (and I’m talking about very detailed things) hasn’t kept up and so I wanted to solve for all of these little frustrations in the app that have accumulated.” - Brian [/tweetthis]

Here are today’s conversation points:

  •  New Carthook products inside the Shopify App Store
    • Preparations and anticipating the launch
    • Spreadsheets and scenarios
    • The Prisoner’s Dilemma
    • Dynamic pricing and price points
  • ProcessKit App redesign
    • Progress in SaaS products
    • Community-based promotions
    • Marketing and funneling
  • Being able to separate yourself from your business
  • The importance of customer experience and app store reviews
  • Jordan’s new obsession: Cohere
[tweetthis]“It is a prisoner’s dilemma. You’re stuck, you don’t have all the information. What you do has a big impact on them, what they do has a big impact on you. But you’re not colluding.” - Jordan [/tweetthis]


How to Price Your SaaS Product by Patrick Campbell



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