June 03, 2021


Raising The Bar

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Raising The Bar
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Raising The Bar

Jun 03 2021 | 00:39:55


Show Notes

Brian and Jordan are back with no excuses and plenty of updates for both Rally and ZipMessage. Today’s topics are all about roadmaps, leading tech teams, and ecommerce marketing. While ecommerce has been around for a while, SaaS is evolving in the way it is marketed and sold. What are your thoughts on SaaS marketing strategies? Do you prefer leading a large tech team or would you rather keep your team small and easily manageable? What are your thoughts on the importance of communication for teams who work remotely?

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Here are today’s conversation points:

  • The next step for Rally
  • The many uses for ZipMessage
    • Combining live Zoom calls with asynchronous follow-ups
    • Direct Slack integrations
    • The ZipMessage roadmap
  • Leading a tech team
    • Requirements for leadership
    • The importance of communication
  • Different strategies for marketing

Mentioned on today’s episode:

Patrick Campbell’s tweet about building a media brand, monetizing with software

Unthinkable podcast by Jay Acunzo

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