June 07, 2022


Talking to Customers

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Talking to Customers
Bootstrapped Web
Talking to Customers

Jun 07 2022 | 00:43:37


Show Notes

How do you avoid consistent churn with new products? What tools do you use to learn about your market? What influences the changes in your products?

It has been a while but Brian and Jordan are back, and they’ve brought updates with Rally and ZipMessage. Jordan talks about his fundraising efforts. Brian talks about his customer research project and what he has learned through that process. 

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Talking Points:

  • Trends in the industry and the economy
  • Can you avoid consistent churn numbers in new products?
  • Jordan’s fundraising efforts
    • Investor behaviors
    • Are people driven by FOMO
    • The various stages in the funnel
  • Brian’s research project 
    • The lessons that Brian learned
    • What motivates customers and what makes them think?
  • Shifting product features based on the market
    • Learning from other competitors and their customers


Brian’s Twitter thread documenting his customer research project

Brian on Twitter

Jordan on Twitter 



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