April 28, 2022


Marketing in 2022

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Jordan Gal Brian Casel
Marketing in 2022
Bootstrapped Web
Marketing in 2022

Apr 28 2022 | 00:42:20


Show Notes

Brian and Jordan are both in flux between school, stressing over work, selling houses, and MicroConf. They summarize their chaotic couple of weeks and then do a deep dive on what content marketing will look like in 2022. Recently Aaron Francis (Tuple’s first marketer) talked about their $200,000 loan from Stripe and how he plans on publicly talking about how they will be spending that money. Brian and Jordan give their take on Aaron’s content marketing technique.

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Talking Points:

  • The timeline for Jordan’s big move
    • What’s it like to sell and buy a house in this market
  • ZipMessage updates
    • Changes on the website
    • Surveys after signing up
    • Coining “ZM”
    • Perfect uses for ZipMessage
    • Hiring strategists for SEO research
  • Traction with Rally
    • Conversations with investors
    • The importance of honesty and “when” to be honest
    • Looking for marketers
  • Tuple’s marketing campaign 


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