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Brian Casel (@casjam) and Jordan Gal (@jordangal) share their raw and real behind-the-scenes of their entrepreneur journeys. From bootstrapping software startups to raising money to selling and exiting businesses, to growing teams and the emotional...more

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May 03, 2024

Startup Names

Choosing a name. YouTube experiments. SEO. Reaching a foreign industry. Branding exercise. The New York Knicks. Connect with Jordan: Jordan's company, Rally Jordan on...



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April 26, 2024

Entrepreneurial Seasons

Protyping with AI.  Burnout aftermath.  Validation theories that need retiring.  Go-to-market.  MVP speed.  SaaS UI components as a service.  Kitchen Reno.  Passover.  Knicks Games....



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April 19, 2024

Not Selling to SaaS

Email for SaaS.  Selling to Main Street.  AI in the real world.  Offloading customer support.  UI/UX consultancy pricing.  YouTube experimentation.  Vacation guilt.  Kitchen renovations....



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April 11, 2024

Sell to SaaS?

Exploring products that sell to SaaS.  Flights.  Credit card points.  Passover.  Elections.  Twitter.  Validation.  No-kids vacations. Connect with Brian: Brian's Product Studio:  Instrumental Products...



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April 05, 2024

Make it Rough

Idea hunting.  Competitors.  Levels.  Portfolios.  Rough products.  Customer success.  Weekly pricing.  Productized services.  Earthquakes.  Supplements. Connect with Jordan: Jordan's company, Rally Jordan on Twitter: ...



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March 29, 2024

Creating Content & New Product Ideas

Brian's first LinkedIn post.  YouTube.  Texas.  Northeast.  Inbound vs. outbound.  New product ideas.  AI.  Ecommerce.  Customer Success.  Tapping demand. Connect with Brian: Brian's Product...